Trying something new in science class

I have been trying out some new tools in my science class this year, and trying to push the boundaries of my comfort level. This post is an example of my attempt to use a pencast to put up some notes for my students during our genetics unit.

Below are links to two audio files I made to post to the class blog. They were made using a LiveScribe Smartpen. When you open the files you should hear my voice as the notes are highlighted in sync with the audio. You can also skip around on the notes by pointing and clicking the red dot that appears on the screen on any section of the notes.

You will need Adobe Reader 10 on your computer to see the notes and hear the audio. Earlier versions of Adobe Reader will only be able to view the text. There are definitely some things about these particular pencasts I am still trying to figure out, but what do you think?

monohybrid cross – the second half of this page was a mistake, so ignore them after the line half way down the page.

dihybrid cross

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