EdCampNYC presentation links

My low-tech abilities have prevented me from posting this on the EdCampNYC wiki page, so here is the information for those attending my session.

Tools or Toys: What does Rigor Mean in a Tech Context

In this session we will make some decisions about what we mean by rigor. We will then discuss how we should approach implementing technology in our classes, so that lessons are meaningful and not just play time.

Here are some articles that I will refer to in the session.

The challenge to technology in education:


Rigor vs Vigor – Joe Bower blog

Rigor on Trial – Tony Wagner

Rigor and Relevance Model – International Center for Leadership in Education

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2 Responses to EdCampNYC presentation links

  1. Ann Oro says:

    Kris, the session was great. You did get the info on the wiki, too! Thanks. Ann

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